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Exede Internet

Break through cable and make the smarter choice, turn loading into streaming, browsing, gaming, and productivity.

NEW: Unlimited Data Plans are presently broadly accessible. Cut The Cable and Stream TV. Call Now and Lock-In Unlimited Internet.

Download Speeds up to 50 Mbps is virtually available every anywhere. 100 Mbps are accessible depending on your region. Superior to DSL. New Technology and Data Plans make Exede a smarter choice.

Exede Internet
  • What is Exede Internet?

Exede Internet is a rapid web transmission to your home from our satellites in space. This implies you can get a quick network connection where you live – anyplace in the United States.

  • Where is Viasat Internet accessible?

In every one of the 50 states, covering 98 percent of the U.S. populace

In territories where other web organizations offer a slower solution– or no performance that when we come in.

  • Who is Viasat Internet for?

Individuals who live on the edge of urban territories, where other internet alternatives might not fit your needs.

Individuals who experience difficulty getting quick web since they live in rural or remote zones.

People that live in cities but aren’t satisfied with what they getting for their money.

  • For what reason would it be a good idea for me to get Viasat Internet?

It’s super fast. Our 12 Mbps download speeds* are quicker than run of the mill DSL or 4G/LTE portable administration. In select regions, you can get up to 50 Mbps speeds or more

It’s reasonable. Your month to month network access price won’t go up for years to come – ensured. Furthermore, there are never any programmed overage expenses on our residential customers.

Set up is fast regularly takes only 2-3 hours. Once you’re connected, dealing with your account is simple with our online gateway.

Download speeds up to 12Mbps

Unlimited data

Stream Small Screen quality video typically 360p


$70/month after 3 months

Recommended for most households

Download speeds up to 25Mbps

Unlimited data

Stream DVD quality video typically 480p


$100/month after 3 months

Download speeds up to 30Mbps

Unlimited data

Stream HD quality video typically 720p


$150/month after 3 months

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