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Home Automation System Installation

Control 4, Key Digital Compass, Lutron, Nest Automation Systems, When you think of home automation, do you think of hobbyists that make lights go off and on or flash by pushing a button? That was the extent of automation just a few years ago.

Today, consumers have homes with sprinkler systems, security systems, fireplace operation with the touch of a remote, HVAC systems, lighting systems, etc. You name it.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient if you could control all of these systems from a single point, be it an in-wall touch-panel, or from an iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone? Automation makes it possible.

Control 4 and Lutron have moved the industry of automation forward with their systems that have that capability and more. You can now lock and unlock your front door via wireless from the web. When your child comes home after school and disarms the alarm system, you get an email announcing that fact, plus you could activate a camera in the mudroom that shows their arrival. Automation can do it.

Turn all your lights on or off at the touch of a single button, either wall mounted or wirelessly.

Turn on your house and garage lights, and disarm your security system, all from your car or from any web browser in the world.. That’s all possible from Control 4, Compass, and from Lutron.

Can’t find your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night? Simply getting out of bed can light the way for you. Kids leave your TV or audio system on and forget to shut it off? Automation can turn off your equipment with any criteria you want (example- If no motion is sensed in the area, your equipment shuts off in 10 minutes, or, if the lights are left on along with the equipment, if no motion is detected, the system can shut everything off). Automation is there again.

Virtually anything that can be controlled by infrared (aka a remote) or RS-232 (serial control), contact closure, or Internet Protocol (IP) can be seamlessly controlled by a Control 4 or Compass system. IP is fast becoming the technology of choice for system control.

Have a Sonos system that you would like to integrate into an automation system, and control the system from the Control 4 system? A British company named Extra Vegetables makes drivers that integrate with the Control 4 system to do just that. IPOD’s can control your system, and allow you to choose the music and/or video you want to see or hear.

Like to get music in a spot in your home that getting cabling to is difficult or impossible? Control 4’s Speaker Point system can do it. Available in either Ethernet or Wi-Fi configurations, Control 4 can make it happen. Either Speaker Point has a built in amplifier-simply add speakers and you’re done. Automation strikes again.

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