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Custom Audio Video Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all solution.At Tech Smart Systems we realize that each client has unique requirements and we are experts in designing custom audio video solutions.

A well-designed system is one that is reliable, easy to use, & aesthetically pleasing – but most importantly it must perform at the highest level. That’s what sets us apart – our commitment to performance. Once we’re involved in the project, our team of experts will work together with your architect, contractor, and interior designer to build the home entertainment system of your dreams.

The custom installation process typically starts with an onsite consultation. During the consultation we will discuss customer needs, the system budget, and the overall goals of the project. Because every room is built differently, our installers need to evaluate how to properly integrate the equipment with your room’s construction characteristics. This step includes everything from evaluating technical considerations (such as wiring and room structure) to studying a room’s aesthetic and acoustic environment. Ultimately, this information allows us to custom design the system and put together a proposal.

For clients who are building or have new and open construction – the next step is usually the rough in/prewire portion of the job. During this stage of the process, we install wiring, rough-in brackets, and any necessary infrastructure. The finish work gets scheduled once all other construction has been completed. The finish work includes installation of any remaining equipment, system calibration and optimization, as well as a tutorial for the client.

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